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Our story


        JLynnCreations started from a desire to be home with my family,  to be truly present in their lives.   Life with three little boys was becoming quite hectic and so my husband and I decided  to take the plunge in 2009 for me to stay at home with them fulltime.   He picked up extra hours at work to offset the part time job I left,   while I stayed home and nurtured our little boys.    When he would leave for work at 10 pm,  I would also work,  but from home, building our business.   By 2011 JLynnCreations, Inc. had grown to the point where I needed him here at home more and more.   And so,  with a leap of faith (and a good back up plan!),  he quit his full time job.     We now work side by side creating special pieces to celebrate your family! 



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